Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Super Junior's Members Twitter and Weibo Update 260213

"Finally remember the password of Weibo! Sorry because I'm not using Weibo for a long time ! Goodnight!"
Credit: @henryzzz89 (weibo)

"I really miss Thailand. This March 6th, we will meet:^)"
Credit: @siwon407 (twitter)

 "好耐無飲茶! 鳳爪蝦餃燒賣!!!!! so gooooooooood!"
It's been a long time I've never been to yumcha! Chicken claws, shrimp dumplings and Siew Mai!!!!! so gooooooooood!"
Credit: @henrylau89 (twitter)

"It's been a long time I've never come back !!!!"
 Credit: @henrylau89 (twitter)

 "Jong-jin ah, what are you doing at the back??"
Credit: @shfly3424 (twitter)

"byebye hk! 我会回来的!"
"byebye hk! I will come back!"
Credit: @henrylau89 (twitter)

 "I'm gonna miss you guys! bye!"
Credit: @henrylau89 (twitter)

"老板要回韩国了! 我们在上海见"
"My boss is heading back from Korea! See you guys at Shanghai"
Credit: @henryzzz89 (weibo)

"My new friend, Youngchoonie. Please take good care of it from now on"
Credit: @Himsenkangin (twitter)

Credit: @AllRiseSilver (twitter)

English translation: FLITTO

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