Thursday, 7 February 2013

SJ-Weibo update 070213: SJ-M Handwritten New Year Card

"SJ-M赶在新春佳节为大家准备了特别的活动!请把2月24日召开的SJ-M Chengdu Fan Party的门票认证照上传到微博上,还记得上传时要 @smtown 并写上 #Break Down Fan Party# 吧?任何购买SJ-M Chengdu Fan Party门票的人都可以参加。我们会为抽出的8位歌迷送上SJ-M亲笔写的新年卡片,请多多参与吧~"

"SJ-M has prepared a special event for everyone on this chinese new year festival! Please upload the entrance ticket for SJ-M Chengdu Fan Party that will be held on 24th February on weibo and remember to write down @smtown and also #Break Down Fan Party#. Anyone who purchase the entrance ticket of SJ-M Chengdu Fan Party can participate. We will give SJ-M handwritten new year cards for to eight lucky fans who have been selected. Please give a lot of support and participate~"

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