Saturday, 16 February 2013

[Update]130216 Super Junior - M Fan Party in Bangkok: Twitter, Weibo and Video Update

"It's a beautiful day :) 
I'm going to airport!
See u soon Thai fan's"

Credit: @donghae861015 (twitter)

"im here bangkok! we miss you. chuchuchu :-)"

Credit: @siwon407 (twitter)

"I was really impressed with all the fans in Thailand who came to support us at the airport. Thanks you all for your love and support!! I love y'all~"

Credit: @AllRiseSilver (twitter)

"I just got Thailand ^^
Today...we ganna fan meeting & signing & radio show !!
I'm so excited !! See u soon guy's!!"

Credit: @donghae861015 (twitter)

"Super Junior M in Thailand - Thai Elf let's enjoy today~ ^^!!!"

Credit: @ryeong9 (twitter)

Donghae replied in response to Ryeowook's tweet:
"We are doing rehearsal!!! I can't wait !! U guy's coming here??  ^^"
Credit: @donghae861015 (twitter)

"中国E.L.F 朋友们 好久不见?你们像不像我们吗??"
"Long time no see? The E.L.F friends in China. Do you all miss us ? ?"

Credit: @GameGyu88 (Weibo)

"Wan an!!^^"

 "We are doing rehearsal!!"

Credit: Donghai1015 (Weibo)

English translation: FLITTO

 "Super Junior - M had an interview with many media in Thailand. There will be Super Junior - M's fan party tonight! Stay tuned! [from FACEBOOK SUPER JUNIOR STAFF]"


Super Junior - M's Fan Party in Bangkok:Press Conference and Fan Signing Session Video by Fancam:
Credit: Milet DaO @ youtube 
: @Nooning88

Photo Taking Session: Ryeowook Focus
Credit: littleryeo @ youtube

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