Monday, 18 February 2013

Super Junior's Members Twitter and Weibo Update 18/2/2013

"ต้องกลับเกาหลีแล่ว ดีใจที่ได้มากเมืองไทยมากๆๆๆๆ ขอบคุนที่มารอตลอด ผมไม่เคยเหงาเลย"
"I have to go back to Korea. I'm REALLY glad to come to Thailand. Thank you for waiting. I've never been lonely."
Credit: @henrylau89 (twitter)

"ถ้าแฟนๆตากฝนอีก ผมขอถิอร่มให้นะครับ วัยลุ่นจะกลับมาเรวๆนิ้ อย่าลืมผมนะ"
"If you stuck in the rain again, can I hold an umbrella for you? Teenager will comeback again soon. Don't forget me."
Credit: @henrylau89 (twitter)

"ผมคิดถึงครอบครัวไทยเอล์ฟของผมนะครับ แต่ยังไงผมจะกลับมาเจอทุกๆคนวันที่6นี้อย่างแน่นอน ผมกับacerรอเจอทุกๆคนอยู่นะครับ หลับฝันดีครับ!"
"I miss you my Thai ELF family. But I'll be back to meet everyone on this 6th for sure. I & Acer will be waiting for you. Sweet dream."
Credit: @siwon407 (twitter)

"555555555555555555555 do you know what this mean."
 Credit: @siwon407 (twitter)

 "See u next time my lover!!"
Credit: @donghae861015 (twitter)

 "With Intae hyungnim and Simon, Jisoo, Daniel, he he he. Gwamegi (dried mackerel/herring fish), he he he. It should've been like this. Big brother, younger brothers, thank you for treating me so well.^^Dalmation, (you're) so cool!^^"
Credit: @Himsenkangin (twitter) 

"How many years is Intae Bro from Dalmatian older than you are a old man lol"
Credit: @Himsenkangin (twitter) 

"我剛從泰國回來. 台灣見!"
"I'm just came back from Thailand. See you in Taiwan"
Credit: @崔始源 (Weibo)
"I arrived to Korea from Thailand ^^ I'll send you some nice Greece pictures that will make your Monday pleasant ~!!!! Good morning~"
Credit: @ryeong9 (twitter)

" Lets lift it(!) The light ones several times(.) Lets run(!) slowly but (for) long (distances.) You don't need to be overly greedy ㅋㅋ with my bro. With the trainer who only talks(,) Yoonjae-hyung ㅋㅋ"
 Credit: @Himsenkangin (twitter) 

 "ㅋㅋㅋ Evidence ^^"
 Credit: @Himsenkangin (twitter)

"Ah .. I forgot to upload the proof of the support that came for the last performance of Catch Me If You Can..ㅋㅋㅋnow I've done it!! ^^"
Credit: @GaemGyu (twitter)

 "Do my best haha"
 Credit: @Himsenkangin (twitter) 

"This was taken during 2/3 happy Gyu's day with Shimchwang at the Ski Resort !!!! Shimchwang who was snowboarding for the first time had as much fighting spirit as a country representative but in reality, he was buried under the snow kk."
Credit: @GaemGyu (twitter)

English translation: FLITTO

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