Sunday, 17 February 2013

[Update]A VCR Prepared by Thai ELF During SJM Fan Party in Bangkok and Videos Update

Credit: SJProject TH @ youtube
"This video is specially made to Super Junior - M and it had moved the heart and tears of SJ-M members"

"Cuz it's U" Project during SJ-M Fan Party at Bangkok
Credit: tomozuki1for13 @ youtube
"All members were touched by the VCR prepared by Thai ELF. Eunhyuk cried a lot."

Performances by SJ-M Members
Kyuhyun and Henry:那些年/Those Years 
"Biggest thanks from Super Junior - M to all Thai fans for preparing a surprise event during Bangkok fan party. "Cuz it's U, wo zhi ai ni" [from FACEBOOK SMTOWN STAFF]"

 "Super Junior - M @ the fan signing event in Bangkok,Thailand. [from FACEBOOK SUPER JUNIOR STAFF]"

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