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28/8/2012 This Is Love JK TV Programme with Ryeowook and Sungmin

Credit: onesecondkyu @ youtube

[Confirm]Super Junior - M New Album 2013 "Break Down"

@SMTOWNGLOBAL: Super Junior-M will make you #BreakDown at Jiangsu TV NYE Concert
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Message from SMTOWN FACEBOOK STAFF 3/1/2013:
Super Junior-M’s 2nd album ‘BREAK DOWN’ and the music video of the title song ‘BREAK DOWN’ will be released on January 7th!
Credit: SMTOWN Facebook

Message from Super Junior Official Facebook 3/1/2013:
Super Junior-M invites you to the press conference for their new album ‘BREAK DOWN.’
- When? January 7th, 2013 at noon (Beijing Time).
*Number tickets will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis.
- Where? CGV星星国际影城北京奥体店
Those who bring the Super Junior-M’s ‘太完美(Perfection)’ album will be admitted on a first-come first-served basis.
The number tickets that are issued at the organizers’ appointed place will be acceptable only.
The number of admittee is subject to change accordingly.
We ask for your participation and interests!

Ryeowook and Kyuhyun's Message to Super Junior-M's fans: 

Credit: SMTOWN @ youtube

Kyu: On Jan 1st, the teaser to our title song came out
Wook: It’s amazing. finally SJ-M album is coming out, it’s been a long time
Wook: It’s our 2nd full album! Wook: And that day (7th Jan) our music video will come out
Kyu: amazing and they told us to support it 
Kyu: See you on 7th January~!!!
 Translation by: @honeydewname
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Donghae and Zhoumi's Message to Super Junior-M's fans:

Credit: SMTOWN @ youtube

Ah we are all happy to be able to meet everyone again soon!
We gave fans 2 gifts already
1 is *speaks Korean as cue to Hae*
Hae: music video!
Mi: teaser!
And 2nd *points to Hae*
*Hae points right back*
Mi: *laughs* We revealed our new album press conference on January 7th. And now we will give you the 3rd gift, it’s a surprise too. That is *pause* on January 7th fans from all over the world if have any questions for Super Junior M, for example about our new album. Curious about style, music, dance, anything you’re curious about you can ask. We will draw out your questions and answer them 1 by 1
Hae *something about giving lots lots lots of support with funny hand gestures*
Mi: so this time it’s real, we will answer all your questions. So hope all our fans will eagerly come to see our presscon. You can go to SMTown official page, as well as FB and Twitter. To start… To start..
*HyukMin come in* 
Translated by: @Elf_thoughts
[TRANS] HaeMi video Eunhae Part
Hyuk: “Donghae-ssi, speak something too will you” Hae: “Everyone please give us lots lots lots lots of support” with silly hand gestures. Hyuk: “what’s with that lotslotslots” Ming: *imitates him* Hae: “if you give a lot, you’ll grab this a little, that a little” *hand gesture* Hae: “we’ll let you know everything” (he blabbers Hae was just lost and happy with Hyuk bullying him) Hyuk: “know everything what??” Wook: *appeared* MiMin: “*awkward* Hyuk: Better gave mic only to ZhouMi, he was the only one talking” After Hyuk said that to Hae, Hae: “cause he’s good (at talking)” Mi: “ohh this is making me nervous” Hae: *overreactinglaugh* Hae: *blabber again + sings breakdown* Hyuk: “What are you saying?! Get a grip on yourself a bit will you? Aigooo”
Translated by: @honeydewname
Message from Super Junior Official Facebook 4/1/2013:
Leave a comment with the question about Super Junior-M, then the members will answer the selected questions at the press conference on January 7th.
We hope that many of you will participate! 

Eunhyuk, Henry and Sungmin's Message to Super Junior-M's fans:

Credit: SMTOWN @ youtube

Music Video Teaser: 

Credit: SMTOWN @ youtube

The 2nd album "Breakdown" Highlight Medley:

Credit: SMTOWN @ youtube

Super Junior - M New Album "Breakdown" Photocards
Credit: Chaelim
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Schedules of Super Junior-M for their Promotion of New Album:
7th Jan 2013: Press conference at  CGV星星国际影城北京奥体店 
8th Jan 2013: Discussion with fans online about their new album on Sina Entertainment at 10:30am(CST)

Kyuhyun at MBC Entertainment Award Show 29/12/2012

Red Carpet:

Credit:STARNEWS/ NEWS is ( )/ TV

Award Ceremony:
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Congratulation to Super Junior's Kyuhyun for clinching Best Newcomer Award in variety show category!


Kyuhyun Acceptance Speech:
Thank you for giving me this award. Even though it might be a little old fashioned but I'd still give a long acceptance speech. I'd first like to thank the SM family, and the Radio Star production team, who nutures new entertainers into the stars of tomorrow.

To Jongshin hyung who took off his school uniform and came back, Yoo Seyun hyung who often cries, and the one who had his territory of lively entertainment but suddenly vanished, Kim Gura hyung, I love all of you!

To me, Radio Star is like the existence of oil. The radio star production team is like being in a new car without fuel, despite not knowing where it's destination is, but always and then filling up the tank and progressing. (And he said he thought of it last night before sleeping XD) Really very thankful. 

Credit: @

Siwon also his congratulation by tweeting

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Super Junior's member Twitter Update 28/12/2012

@AllRiseSilver: We're Super Juni~or!!!!!

@AllRiseSilver: Darlings we'll see you later woo

@siwon407: LOVE!

@shfly3424: The three handsome musketeers^^

English translation:

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Tous Les Jours Official Twitter Update 25/12/2012

@TousLesJours_Hi: Merry Christmas~!!>_< In order to greet this White Christmas season, Santa will deliver gift again~ Those who want to grab these wonderful Santa's Christmas cakes as presents today, please don't forget to visit the high end point Tous Les Jours~~^^

@TousLesJours_Hi: Did you have a bit of warm tea and hot pack to get warm in the cold weather of Christmas?? Eunhyuk really looks like Santa Claus giving out Christmas gift ~ Even though it is small but I hope that it's a warm gift to everyone.

Credit:  @TousLesJours_Hi @ twitter
English translation: SUPER JUNIOR'S SITE

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Super Junior Members' Tweet Related to Christmas

Donghae's tweet:
@donghae861015: Merry Christmas ^^

Siwon's tweet:
@siwon407: MERRY CHRISTMAS♥_♥

Yesung's tweet:
@shfly3424: Merry Christmas~~^^ Super Junior KRY Kobe concert!! Thank you, ELF for these 3 days~~^^

Ryeowook's tweet:
@ryeong9: ☆Merry Christmas ~★Kyuhyun Yesung Ryeowook concert ended in Kobe~~~☆(in Japanese)Kobe concert was over. Let's go out to eat. ♥S♥U♥P♥E♥R♥J♥U♥N♥I♥O♥R♥K♥R♥Y♥

Shindong's tweet:
@ShinsFriends: Christmas Party~~Yeah~~

Sungmin's Naver Blog Update 26/12/12: Christmas~ ~ ~ ~
 Merry Christmas ^ ^ kekekeke
 The weather is so cold.
I couldn't say thank you to the fans who come to cheer us ~ because I sit at the back .. ㅠㅠ
Anyway,  we've been two hours together with Ming Rudolph ah~ ~ ~
I'm so happy ~ ~ ~

English translation: SUPER JUNIOR'S SITE

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22/12/12 High Society with Eunhyuk, Shindong and Sungmin

Credit: Subbings-Naya

Tous Les Jours Official Twitter Update 22/12/2012

@TousLesJous_Hi: Do you have a fun day with all the cool Santa today?? Have a Merry Christmas with delicious christmas cake~^^

@TousLesJous_Hi: Wonderful Santa's message can be found on the tree~Huge tree!! Please do not touch. Tree hurts~ㅠ_ㅠ

Credit: @TousLesJours_Hi @ twitter
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[Update]Lotte Duty Free 2012 CF Music Video"So I'm Loving You"

Lotte Duty Free 2012 CF with Super Junior and Gao Yuan Yuan
Korea Version:

Credit: kim choca @ youtube

Chinese Version:

Credit: candyshin0813 @ youtube

Japanese Version:

Credit: Junior0130 @ youtube

Full Version:
Korean Version:

 Credit: Junior0130 @ youtube

Japanese Version:
Credit: Junior0130 @ youtube

Lyrics: Super Junior Part

Visit Lotte Duty Free Official Website:

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Super Junior on EPOP Magazine December Issue

Stories of Super Junior on EPOP Magazine(Malaysia) December Issue:

epop: Eunhyuk, Kyuhyun and Ryeowook had travel to Greece right?
Eunhyuk: Yaya ~ In September, we have been traveling for 8 days 6 nights in Athens, Santorini and Mykonos. Not many Korean people there, so we have fun. We are told that Santorini is famous for honey moon. But we can only feel lonely. (Laughs) That’s the first time I swim so much since debut. I got a little brown leather for it.
Kyuhyun: We spent the first four days of swimming. We have played together and go to a place we had never left. We feel we kind of entourage chat by candlelight.
Ryeowook: In a way, we have our respective roles. Kyuhyun to make hotel reservations and flight bookings. Eunhyuk making travel plans. Actually, Mykonos is not part of our plan, but we think “When we can get back to Greece again?” so we decided to go. My role is to countdown account. When one of us want to do something, one will talk, “Good!” So no arguments and we can play to your hearts content. We promise to go to Boracay next year!
Kyuhyun: We thought our company will provide travel expenses, but no (laughs) We spend too much time shopping for this trip. We will check our offense. Other times we want to go again, haha!

epop: What other member do during the holiday?
Donghae: We have about 8-9 days off per years. I would like to do many things at the time, so I went to Las Vegas for 2 days. Upon his return to Korea, I went to ChungCheongDo for 2 days and spend the rest of time with members

epop: Sequential visual appearance in the group?
Eunhyuk: The important part here is the first and last place. Highest placed is Siwon, Donghae and Sungmin hyung. I’m in the middle. Low level is Ryeowook, Yesung and Kyuhyun’s face recently seen more funny because he was becoming an MC. conclusion, the face member of Super Junior KRY is not ok, but they know how to sing. This is what I always say, God is always fair.
Yesung: (angry) You’re always putting me at the bottom. From what I’ve seen, without makeup, I was in a top position. With makeup looks most handsome is Donghae. Without makeup, Donghae fell into midfield. (Laughs while avoiding himself from Donghae who sat by his side) Kyuhyun, Donghae and Siwon look best on camera

epop: What about the vocals?
Yesung: Clear the KRY in places 1-3. In the meantime, i’m the first (other member laugh). But it all depends on your personal taste . I can sing the melody clearly high and shrill. This makes you feel my vocal tone to young and the people like my vocals. Ryeowook is a strong vocal harmonization, while Kyuhyun voice is soft and delicate. Our characteristics are different.

epop: Donghae has become the main character in the drama <Miss Panda And Hedgehog>. Whom do you thank?
Donghae: Park Keun Hyung  sunbaenim scary at first, but he was really nice to me as his grandchildren. After knowing each character acting, sunbaenim told me, “Do not be troubled with me. Consider me as your grandfather and play.” So I actually called him ‘grandpa’! Sunbaenim not know how to send an SMS, but he sent messages to me for the first time. When acting, I was also busy with Super Junior performances. I feel a little confused, luckily sunbaenim helped in sight until the shooting could be terminated successfully.

epop: Are you still experiencing the effects of trauma from road accidents that took place in 2007?
Kyuhyun: Yup ~ now I’m in the habit of wearing a seat belt no matter where I sit in the car. I could not sleep well in the car too. I am sometimes surprised when the driver stepped on the brake pedal suddenly.

epop: You showed images of funny on the show. How many images that are similar to your real personality?
Eunhyuk: I appear on the show’s funnier than I am actually. Normally, I do not like to talk about myself and also not good banter. If you have watched my show, you will find that I rarely talk about myself.

epop: Sungmin is your roommate. Is he sleeping habits?
Kyuhyun: Others member have separate rooms but Sungmin hyung and I share a room. I usually snore, but it looks familiar to Sungmin hyung. Usually, you will wake up if heard screaming next to you, but Sungmin do not wake up. I think he’s really tired all day.

epop: Many people say Super Junior songs all the same. What do you think about this?
Ryeowook: We would like to change. If you see <Twins>, <Don’t Don> and other repackage song, we changed many times but the audience only see one <Sorry,Sorry> well done. We actually changed. For example, this time <SPY> with the concept of agent  007. I think we can change slowly.

epop: Many female fans jealous of your delicate skin.  What your skin beauty secret?
Yesung: Leather is timeless. I never get a skin treatment. But in exchange for that, I may be lacking in things host of others. In the first album release, I had surgery so I can not drink alcohol. Therefore, I continue my diet despite the lightest in the group.

epop: Do you have a girlfriend before entering the military?
Leeteuk: It’s been over a year I split with my ex-girlfriend.
Donghae: You do not think you are too honest in the interview?
Leeteuk: Everyone already knows these things despite the company saying I do not have a girlfriend. I’m trying to find a girlfriend. Many people said, a letter from a girlfriend when you are in the military stimuli and help. So I tried to find one, but all responses “it’s not you will enter the military?” (Laughs) I’ll have a post back! I’ve stayed in hostels over 10 years, so after returning, I would probably stay detached home. I want to find a girlfriend and get married.

Source: epop malay
Translated at by HyukHae

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'The Promise' Musical Official Photo with Leeteuk

Credit: Top Star News | Shared by. Blue★Princez @ SJ-WORLD.NET
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Recently, a poster of musical "The Promise" has been released. It features Super Junior's Leeteuk, actor Ji Hyun Woo, actor Kim Moo Yeol and Supernova's Yoon Hak.
"The Promise is a musical about soldiers who decided to sacrifice themselves in order to save their country and fellows during the Korean War and soldiers who tried to keep a promise with them. The actors in the poster portray seven war veterans who helped each other during the war.
Ji plays the role of platoon commander Ji Hoon, Kim plays the role of mysterious man Sang Jin, Yoon Hak plays the role of lively performer Dal Ho, and Leeteuk plays the role of feminine man Miss Kim.
The Promise is co-produced by the Ministry of National Defense, the Headquarter of the Army, and the Korea Musical Association in celebration of the 60th anniversary of the outbreak of the Korean War."

Source: TV Report &
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SUKIRA Kiss The Radio Official Update with Ryeowool and Sungmin 121217

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MBC Radio Star Update with Kyuhyun 121217


Super Junior at MTV EXIT

End Exploitation and Human Trafficking

MTV EXIT is a campaign to raise awareness and increase prevention of human trafficking through television programmes, live events and online contents.
 It is also about freedom-about our rights as human beings to choose where we live, where we work, who our friends are and who we love. Most of us take these freedoms for granted, but hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world have had these basic human rights taken away. They are victims of trafficking-modern-day slaves-and criminals have forced, defrauded, or coerced them into various forms of labour, or prostituition.
So, please join them in the fight to end modern slavery.

Super Junior participated in MTV EXIT that was held at Hanoi My Dinh National Stadium, Vietnam at 2nd March 2010. They were promoting the importance of preventing human trafficking in Asia as well as all over the world. Let's check out.
PART 1: Interviews of Super Junior's Leeteuk, Donghae, Kyuhyun, Eunhyuk, Sungmin, Yesung and Shindong and their performance at MTV EXIT's stage

Credit: wgmrox6 @ youtube
PART 2: A visit to the victims of human trafficking with Leeteuk and Donghae

Credit: wgmrox6 @ youtube

Super Junior M  participated at MTV EXIT that was held at Chiang Mai at 25th June 2011.
Eunhyuk: "People don't know what's going on because they don't care. I hope people can found it out through celebrities like us."



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SUKIRA Kiss The Radio Official Update on 14/12/2012

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Super Junior "Sorry Sorry" for Ochestra by Walt Ribeiro

Artist: Walt Ribeiro
Title: Super Junior 'Sorry Sorry'

To read about the articles he wrote about his thoughts on Super Junior 'Sorry Sorry':  

Tous Les Jours Official Twitter Update on 14th December 2012

@TousLesJours_Hi: Tous Les Jours high end spots has been opened already more than a month~*_* Very thankful to all of you who visited our shop within this one month(.) Please visit often~(^_^)(__)(^_^)

 Credit: @TousLesJours_Hi (twitter)
English translation: SUPER JUNIOR'S SITE

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Demaclub Interview with Super Junior's Leeteuk

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Video Interview with Park Jung Soo [Eng Sub]:
Interview Question: 

Interviewer: Is there any food you find particularly delicious in the military? 

Teuk: Back when I was outside, I really disliked drinking milk . But after enlisting, whenever they gave out milk I would drink all of it, I even drank what the others couldn’t finish. Before enlisting, I also disliked eating rice, but now I eat every single grain on the plate without wasting anything. Also chocopies! I was the blood-donation ambassador for 4 years. When the employees of the blood donation drive came, I realized I’ve worked with the person prior. Because we knew each other, the person gave me 8 chocopies, 4 mandarin oranges, and 2 bags of cookies. I never realized I actually like chocopie this much!

Translation by: @纯牛奶巧克力西米派 | superjuniorkr
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by: myuchullie 

Interviewer: After ending your training at the training centre, how have you been ever since you transferred here?

Teuk: I enlisted on the 30th of October. I received my training diligently at the Recruit Training Centre and after I finished the training, I was transferred here and have been working hard for the 6.25 musical that the Ministry of National Defence will be producing. (Because) I received my training diligently so my stamina seems to have worn out so I was worried if I could do well for the musical but now that practice has already started(,) I am living on with a pleasant mindset.

Interviewer:  On the first day at the Recruit Training Centre, what thoughts did you have before you slept?

Teuk: Firstly(,) the people who has already came to the army told me a lot that it is really hard and lonely but I enlisted with Soldier Lee Sangchul(Sangchu) so we talked a lot so it seems that there wasn’t much loneliness. The 3 days that I was at the reserve centre(,) I kept thinking “am I really here at the army now?” and it didn’t feel real.

Translation by: @teukables
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by: myuchullie 

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Tous Les Jous Official Twitter Update on 12th December 2012

@TousLesJours_Hi: Various kind of pretty and delicious Christmas cakes are going to be available during Christmas~ I need to ask you all to pay a lot of attention and make reservation~ ^^ Tous Les Jous Christmas cake in the high end point~!! >L<

Credit: @TousLesJours_Hi (twitter)
English translation: SUPER JUNIOR'S SITE

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[Update]Asia Super Showcase 2012 in Malaysia with Super Junior-M!

Super Junior - M's members with Kyuhyun, Eunhyuk, Henry and Zhoumi at KL International Airport (KLIA):

Reorganised into a video by: SUPER JUNIOR'S SITE

Official Picture of Asia Super Showcase 2012 with Super Junior - M Album:

Credit: facebook
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Asia Super Showcase 2012 Part 1: Song "Super Girl"

Credit: sasukeshann @ youtube

Asia Super Showcase 2012 Part 2: Super Junior - M introduce themselves

Credit: sasukeshann @ youtube

Asia Super Showcase 2012 Part 3: Super Junior - M's random interview

Credit: sasukeshann @ youtube

Asia Super Showcase 2012 Part 4: Song "Perfection"

Credit: sasukeshann @ youtube

Asia Super Showcase 2012: Song "At Least I Have You"

Credit: MsAchieq @ youtube

Asia Super Showcase 2012: Song "Super Girl"

Credit: MsAchieq @ youtube

Asia Super Showcase 2012: Quiz About Malaysia's Fruit with Super Junior - M

Credit: Miikyuu @ youtube

Super Junior M's twitter about Asia Super Showcase 2012 in Malaysia:
@henrylau89: thank u so much malaysia! hope to b bak soon! heading back now!! well miss u !!!

@donghae861015: Malaysia ELF !! Thank's 
                                I love you guys ^^ 
                                We love Forever !! See u next time !!
                                Good night

@ryeong9: We are Super Junior M ~~ Thank you so~~~ much^^ In Malaysia 
English translation:
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