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Super Junior on EPOP Magazine December Issue

Stories of Super Junior on EPOP Magazine(Malaysia) December Issue:

epop: Eunhyuk, Kyuhyun and Ryeowook had travel to Greece right?
Eunhyuk: Yaya ~ In September, we have been traveling for 8 days 6 nights in Athens, Santorini and Mykonos. Not many Korean people there, so we have fun. We are told that Santorini is famous for honey moon. But we can only feel lonely. (Laughs) That’s the first time I swim so much since debut. I got a little brown leather for it.
Kyuhyun: We spent the first four days of swimming. We have played together and go to a place we had never left. We feel we kind of entourage chat by candlelight.
Ryeowook: In a way, we have our respective roles. Kyuhyun to make hotel reservations and flight bookings. Eunhyuk making travel plans. Actually, Mykonos is not part of our plan, but we think “When we can get back to Greece again?” so we decided to go. My role is to countdown account. When one of us want to do something, one will talk, “Good!” So no arguments and we can play to your hearts content. We promise to go to Boracay next year!
Kyuhyun: We thought our company will provide travel expenses, but no (laughs) We spend too much time shopping for this trip. We will check our offense. Other times we want to go again, haha!

epop: What other member do during the holiday?
Donghae: We have about 8-9 days off per years. I would like to do many things at the time, so I went to Las Vegas for 2 days. Upon his return to Korea, I went to ChungCheongDo for 2 days and spend the rest of time with members

epop: Sequential visual appearance in the group?
Eunhyuk: The important part here is the first and last place. Highest placed is Siwon, Donghae and Sungmin hyung. I’m in the middle. Low level is Ryeowook, Yesung and Kyuhyun’s face recently seen more funny because he was becoming an MC. conclusion, the face member of Super Junior KRY is not ok, but they know how to sing. This is what I always say, God is always fair.
Yesung: (angry) You’re always putting me at the bottom. From what I’ve seen, without makeup, I was in a top position. With makeup looks most handsome is Donghae. Without makeup, Donghae fell into midfield. (Laughs while avoiding himself from Donghae who sat by his side) Kyuhyun, Donghae and Siwon look best on camera

epop: What about the vocals?
Yesung: Clear the KRY in places 1-3. In the meantime, i’m the first (other member laugh). But it all depends on your personal taste . I can sing the melody clearly high and shrill. This makes you feel my vocal tone to young and the people like my vocals. Ryeowook is a strong vocal harmonization, while Kyuhyun voice is soft and delicate. Our characteristics are different.

epop: Donghae has become the main character in the drama <Miss Panda And Hedgehog>. Whom do you thank?
Donghae: Park Keun Hyung  sunbaenim scary at first, but he was really nice to me as his grandchildren. After knowing each character acting, sunbaenim told me, “Do not be troubled with me. Consider me as your grandfather and play.” So I actually called him ‘grandpa’! Sunbaenim not know how to send an SMS, but he sent messages to me for the first time. When acting, I was also busy with Super Junior performances. I feel a little confused, luckily sunbaenim helped in sight until the shooting could be terminated successfully.

epop: Are you still experiencing the effects of trauma from road accidents that took place in 2007?
Kyuhyun: Yup ~ now I’m in the habit of wearing a seat belt no matter where I sit in the car. I could not sleep well in the car too. I am sometimes surprised when the driver stepped on the brake pedal suddenly.

epop: You showed images of funny on the show. How many images that are similar to your real personality?
Eunhyuk: I appear on the show’s funnier than I am actually. Normally, I do not like to talk about myself and also not good banter. If you have watched my show, you will find that I rarely talk about myself.

epop: Sungmin is your roommate. Is he sleeping habits?
Kyuhyun: Others member have separate rooms but Sungmin hyung and I share a room. I usually snore, but it looks familiar to Sungmin hyung. Usually, you will wake up if heard screaming next to you, but Sungmin do not wake up. I think he’s really tired all day.

epop: Many people say Super Junior songs all the same. What do you think about this?
Ryeowook: We would like to change. If you see <Twins>, <Don’t Don> and other repackage song, we changed many times but the audience only see one <Sorry,Sorry> well done. We actually changed. For example, this time <SPY> with the concept of agent  007. I think we can change slowly.

epop: Many female fans jealous of your delicate skin.  What your skin beauty secret?
Yesung: Leather is timeless. I never get a skin treatment. But in exchange for that, I may be lacking in things host of others. In the first album release, I had surgery so I can not drink alcohol. Therefore, I continue my diet despite the lightest in the group.

epop: Do you have a girlfriend before entering the military?
Leeteuk: It’s been over a year I split with my ex-girlfriend.
Donghae: You do not think you are too honest in the interview?
Leeteuk: Everyone already knows these things despite the company saying I do not have a girlfriend. I’m trying to find a girlfriend. Many people said, a letter from a girlfriend when you are in the military stimuli and help. So I tried to find one, but all responses “it’s not you will enter the military?” (Laughs) I’ll have a post back! I’ve stayed in hostels over 10 years, so after returning, I would probably stay detached home. I want to find a girlfriend and get married.

Source: epop malay
Translated at by HyukHae

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