Sunday, 17 February 2013

170213 Super Junior's Members Twitter Update

Yesung replied in response to Donghae's tweet:
"Dongsaeng .. I have to go to rehearsal in an hour but i can't sleep. This is bad ㅠㅠ"
Credit: @shfly3424 (twitter)
Donghae made a reply:  
"Hyung you're great !!"
Credit: @donghae861015 (twitter)

 "Melo, oppa will be right back~~ ^^"
Credit: @shfly3424 (twitter)

 "thanks for your love."
Credit: @siwon407 (twitter)

"Yesung hyung Good luck tonight! keep up the good job! @shfly3424" 
Credit: @siwon407 (twitter)
Yesung replied in response of Siwon's tweet:
 "Thanks Marshiblando but I think I won't do wellㅋㅋ"

"Praying for Southern part of Thailand "Pattani""
Credit: @siwon407 (twitter)

 "Ate so well ^^ A sudden stage performance without any preparation is not enough of a performance but ELF still came to see me. Thank you very much .."
Credit: @shfly3424 (twitter)

"reading book and take rest. just chillin"
Credit: @siwon407 (twitter)

 "Gray Paper hyung, fighting ~~~!!!!!^^ Yesung's Gray Paper is good~"

Credit: @ryeong9 (twitter)

 English translation: FLITTO

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