Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Super Junior's Members Twitter and Weibo Update 200213

"跟 @成龙 在一起的 @崔始源@成龙 请您多多关注Super Junior-M的新专辑#Break Down#~"
Credit: SJ-Weibo

"Coming soon..."
Credit: @donghae861015 (twitter)

"Shinee's back !! Dream girl !! I like it !!"
"With Shinee!! Dream girl!!"
Credit: @AllRiseSilver (twitter)/ @donghae861015 (twitter)

"SHINee 샤이니_DREAM GIRL_Music Video how is it like this!!!!! Whoops!!!! Really cool!!!Kids!!! Kyaak!!! Even seeing it as a guy, it makes me flutter!! Fighting!!
ㅋㅋㅋ Ah blinded!!!"
Credit: @ShinsFriends (twitter)

 "I'm not a 'single-guy-since-birth'... How did things end up like this.. kk"
 Credit: @GaemGyu (twitter)

 "I'm going to airport !! with Zhou mi ~~^^"
Credit: @donghae861015 (twitter)

"hello taiwan families! Its been a lonnngggg time since we've seen each other. we just arrived!"
"好久不見臺灣朋友們 :^) 我們剛到了!"

 "me! Thank you! WOW!!!!!! I was very surprised. i love u!!!"
Credit: @henrylau89 (twitter) 

 "Mouse Rabbit ^^ And tomorrow..."
Credit: @shfly3424 (twitter)

"Taiwan friends, do you still remember me !? Will be back soon! Really miss you all!!!"
Credit: @henrylau89 (twitter) 

"I'm going to Grand Place!! See u there...^^"
Credit: @donghae861015 (twitter)

 "好吃嗎? @Donghai1015 @haohaohyuk"
"Is it yummy? @Donghai1015 @haohaohyuk"

 "hao jiu bu jian taiwan pengyoumen !!! women qu le GrandPlace !!! gong xi ddonghai !!!"
"Taiwan's friends, it's been a long time!!! We have been to GrandPlace !!! Congratulation, donghai !!!"
Credit: @haohaohyuk (Weibo)

English translation: FLITTO

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