Monday, 4 February 2013

SJ Weibo Update 040213

"Super Junior-M的韩国Special舞台,大家看了节目感觉兴奋吗?请大家以后也多多支持Super Junior-M! "
" Super Junior - M Special Stage at Korea, do you all feel excited after watching the program? Everyone, please keep support Super Junior - M! [shy]

"昨天来Super Junior-M的韩国special舞台做应援的EXO! 谢谢你们哦~ 大家拿着圭贤的生日蛋糕, 一起~喀嚓!"
"EXO who came to Super Junior - M's korean special stage yesterday! Thank you very much oh~ Everyone takes Kyuhyun's birthday cake, "kecha" together! [birthday cake]."

Credit: SJ-Weibo

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