Thursday, 25 July 2013

Super Junior's members Twitter Update on 25/7/2013

 SUPER SHOW5 いつやる !? いまでしょう :^) !! 
Trans: When are we doing Super Show 5 !? Its right now :^) !!

 愛する 日本の家族皆さん!本当にお会いたいです。明日会いましょうね!:^)
Trans: Beloved Japanese families! I really want to see you. See You tomorrow ! :^)

 富士急ハイランド ええじゃないか⁈
Trans: Fuji-Q Highland, Eejanaika (the ride's name)?!

ギュヒョンは 何処ですか?^_^ 
Trans:Where is Kyuhyun at?^_^

Henry Lau:-
난 땀도 하트다 ^^! ㅋ 여러분 ! 제하트를 받아주세요!
Trans: Even my sweat makes a heart ^^! k everyone ! Please accept my heart!

ELF Japan 아까 티켓은 티켓을보고 반가워서 그냥 올린거에요 ㅎ 오해하지 마세요 ^^
Trans: ELF Japan, the picture of the ticket I uploaded earlier was just because of I was happy to see it. heh, please don't misunderstand it ^^

 판다 & 도치 !! DVD !! wow !! 
Trans: Panda & Hedgehog !! DVD !! wow !!

 I wrote a book called<Thai perfect>! Plz call me author zhou kkkkkkk! 

  생신 축하드려요~~~~^^
Trans: Happy birthday~~~~^^

넌 언제보러올건데~ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 나도 금방갈게 되도록 루나랑 같이할때 갈까하고~
Trans: when will you come watch mine~kkkkk I will try to go soon, maybe on a day you perform with Luna


이름은 헨리 얼굴은 조미 ?? ㅋㅋ
Trans: The name is Henry, the face is Zhou Mi ?? kk

Translation by: @NKSubs

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