Monday, 22 July 2013

SBS Drama “I Can Hear Your Voice” Episode 15 [Preview/English translation]

Credit: tt o

 English translation:-
Suha: Are you not going to meet Prosecutor Seo Doyeon anymore?
Hyesung: Why do you ask?
Suha: You never know — maybe if I read her mind, I’ll get some information.
Doyeon: Jang Hyesung, you evil b****.  You freaking b****.
Hyesung: Do you really think Doyeon is right?  I can’t understand Doyeon.
Suha: It’s her dad that did wrong.  And she’s being like that because she can’t believe it.  How can she fix her father?
Hyesung: What was your mom like?
Suha: My mom?
Hyesung: I don’t recall you ever talking about your mom, that’s why.
Suha: No matter what I say, no matter what kind of person I am, please never be disappointed in me.
Kwanwoo: A while ago, we received anonymous letters to myself and Jjangbyun, and I thought you should know.
Suha: Did Jjangbyun also see all of these these letters?
trans cr: limegreenglo @ Soompi

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